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Save time and simplify your  medical waste workflow with a
mail-back program

Medical waste treatment is complicated. From finding storage to scheduling pickups, it's a lot to manage. Not with OnSite's mail-back program. Automatically receive containers in the mail along with return labels and compliant shipping boxes. Simply send back your containers once they are full. Yes, it's that simple. 


Eliminate your reliance on hauling and storage

Traditional medical waste hauling is both expensive and inflexible. Storage rooms take up precious space in a practice. With the OnSite mail-back program, practices can completely eliminate their reliance on hauling and storage by mailing back their medical waste immediately.

Take control of your medical waste workflow

Tired of inflexible hauling schedules? Practices shouldn't have to wait weeks for their medical waste to get treated. Take complete control of your workflow and simply mail back your medical waste securely and compliantly.


Experience the OnSite difference

Treat medical waste with a desktop device

Customized solutions to fit your practice

Segregation and compliance training

Nationwide service coverage

Waste analytics and usage reports

Fixed, transparent pricing

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