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Have some questions? We got you.

  • How big is the TE- 5000?
    The TE- 5000 is 28”L x 12”W x 14”H
  • How heavy is it?
    The TE- 5000 weighs approximately 50 lbs
  • Does the TE-5000 get loud when a cycle is running?
    The TE-5000 is very quiet while running a cycle. It sounds similar to the noise a laptop fan makes. You will notice the sound changing during different parts of the cycle as the fans shift from heating to cooling modes.
  • Does the TE- 5000 get hot to the touch while running a cycle?
    No, the TE- 5000 is not hot to touch during the heating process.
  • Does the TE- 5000 make the room hot while running a cycle?
    No, the external temperature of the machine does not get hot or radiate heat when a cycle is run.
  • Do you need to purchase a special plug to use the TE- 5000?
    No, the TE- 5000 works with your standard wall outlet.
  • How much will my electricity bill increase from using the TE- 5000?
    The TE-5000 draws about 600 Watts for about 90 minutes of its 2 hour cycle. This is similar to leaving a 60-Watt lightbulb on during work.
  • How long is a cycle?
    Each cycle will run for 120 mins and then cool down to 100°. Depending on where you put the TE-5000, the cooldown can take between 30 and 60 minutes.
  • What is the clear plastic container located in the front of the TE- 5000?
    This container collects condensation from the steam produced while heating up the waste. It is a byproduct of the heating cycle, it is sterile and safe to empty into a sink.
  • What happens if I select the wrong waste type?
    Both Red Bag and Sharp waste are processed the same. However, the TE-5000 keeps track of how many of each container you have left. This may affect your auto-refill order. Please send an email to or call us at (949) 409-4031 if this happens. Also, please note that you can change the cycle type anytime before the cycle starts by simply pressing the correct button (Sharps or Red Bag). The lid will pop open. Just shut it and the unit will be ready to run.
  • Can you run the TE- 5000 when no one is in the office?
    Yes, In fact, unless you process more than 1 container a day, we recommend running the TE-5000 after hours. The most recent versions of the firmware default to a "Delayed Start" mode where the unit runs automatically at 7 or 8pm at night. If your unit doesn't do this, please let us know so we can get your unit on the most recent firmware!
  • Do we have to purchase any other parts?
    No, all parts to use your new TE-5000 will be shipped together. Remember that you will have to buy additional containers to collect Sharps and Red Bag waste.
  • Does the TE-5000 need to be behind a locked door or special area?
    No, the device can be placed anywhere in the office that is most convenient for you. It simply plugs into a wall outlet to power on. However, we do recommend that you place the unit in a well ventilated area.
  • Does it need WiFi to connect?
    No, WiFi is not needed to use the TE-5000. The TE-5000 uses the Verizon network to communicate with us. We find that if you have a good cell signal on any network, then the Verizon signal is usually good. If you have issues with connectivity or signal strength, you can plug in a normal ethernet cable into the unit.
  • Can I move the device to a different area after it’s been set up?
    Yes, the TE- 5000 can be used anywhere where there is a wall outlet nearby. If you plan to move the TE-5000 to a different address, please let us know!
  • Is shipping included in the monthly lease price?
    Each of our customers use their containers at a different rate. Some use 1 or 2 containers a month, while others use 1 or 2 a day. Because of these differences, we chose to lower our monthly rate and charge each customer for the containers and shipping costs based on their use. This is just part of our commitment to transparency and openness in our pricing.
  • Are containers included with my TE-5000?
    Containers are separate, but can be ordered at any time. The TE-5000 comes with technology that allows us to keep track of your usage and automatically replenishment your supply of containers when needed. It’s our goal to make sure that you will never run out of containers. You can also call us anytime at (949) 409-4031 to order additional containers.
  • Will costs vary based on the number of cycles we run?
    No! OnSite is committed to fair and transparent pricing. Your monthly cost for the TE-5000 will be the same for the life of your agreement regardless of how many times you use it. We won’t adjust your prices due to usage, we won’t increase your price annually, and we won’t try to stick you with other gotcha charges.
  • Why is my invoice more than the monthly negotiated cost?
    There are a couple simple reasons why your invoice might be different than your monthly rate. If you live in a state where we charge Sales Tax, some of the line items on your invoice will have Sales Tax added. As you discussed with your Sales Rep and saw on your order form, your initial invoice will include a one time setup fee along with an order of containers. When you order more containers, or when your TE-5000 lets us know that you’re running low, we will send you more. The charges for any containers we ship will show up on your next monthly invoice.
  • How long can I keep my TE-5000?
    Our standard terms are 3 and 5 years. However, we want to make sure your agreement fits your needs perfectly. Let us know what works best for you and we'll do our best to make that happen! Almost all of our customers have opted for 5 years to make sure that they are locked into our low pricing for as long as possible.
  • Are the containers reusable?
    Our containers are one-time use. They should be thrown directly into the trash once the cycle has been completed.
  • How many containers do I get at a time?
    Our containers ship in boxes of 20. We can ship as many boxes as you need. If you're not sure, please call (949) 409-4031 or email us at so we can help you figure out your volumes.
  • How do I reorder containers?
    Everytime a cycle is run on your device, your TE-5000 lets us know that you've used a container. Once you're down to your reorder point, we will automatically send you more containers. The reorder point will be determined by your location's needs and volume of waste produced and will be set at the time of your first shipment. We may adjust your reorder point from time to time to reduce the number of container shipments. You can also call (949) 409-4031 or email us at any time to order additional containers.
  • What do I do with my current unused plastic containers? Can these be put in the TE-5000?
    Only the metal containers provided by OnSite Waste Technologies can be used in the TE-5000. Plastic containers will melt if put in the device. Please don't do that!
  • Can I open the containers when they're done being processed?
    Once the lid has been secured on the container, it cannot be removed. Please don't try. Once your cycle is done running, the entire container, including the lid, will be thrown in the trash.
  • What happens to the biohazard sticker on the containers?
    Once a cycle is complete, the biohazard sticker will turn black. You will no longer see the words “biohazardous waste” and the container can be thrown into the trash.
  • Do I put the red bags directly into the container or does the container replace the need to have a red bag?
    Red bag waste can be disposed of directly into our containers. There is no need for a separate red bag.
  • What kinds of waste can the TE-5000 process?
    The TE-5000 is designed to treat standard Red Bag and Sharp waste.
  • Can the TE-5000 handle fat or other biological waste?
    No, the TE- 5000 can only treat sharps and red bag waste. However, we have many cost effective solutions for all of your medical waste needs. Contact us at to receive a quote.
  • Can the TE-5000 process pathological waste?
    No, the TE- 5000 can only treat Sharp and Red Bag waste. However, we have many cost effective solutions for all of your medical waste needs. Contact us at to receive a quote.
  • When will I receive my device?
    Once the agreement is signed, you will receive an email with the tracking information of your TE- 5000 and container shipment.
  • Does this follow OSHA guidelines?
    Yes, the TE-5000 meets all OSHA guidelines and meets the waste processing guidelines in all 50 states as a solution to your Sharp and Red Bag medical waste. Please note that we are still working through the approval process in NY and NJ, so you can't use the TE-5000 there yet.
  • Can I keep the device at the end of my term?
    There is an option to renew your lease at the end of your agreement. We do not sell the TE-5000; they are only available to lease.
  • Can I purchase the device?
    Because the TE-5000 only works as a connected device, it is only available for lease, not for purchase.
  • What happens if there’s a power outage or emergency event (fire, etc)?"
    The TE-5000 has a number of safety mechanisms built in. Once the TE-5000 is locked and processing, the unit will remain locked until the cycle is complete. If power goes out or the cord is unplugged, the unit will restart immediately upon resumption of power. It will reheat and resume the cycle.
  • What happens if the device breaks?
    Maintenance is included in your lease. OnSite Waste Technologies will replace and repair devices as needed.
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