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Take control of your medical waste program with desktop sterilization technology

The TE-5000 is a smart, desktop-sized device engineered to empower medical practices to treat their own waste in their own facility with the push of a button. With the the ability to compliantly treat both red bag waste and contaminated sharps, practices can throw their medical waste away in the regular trash following a treatment cycle. 

Throw your medical waste away in the regular trash

You read that right. The TE-5000 is fully compliant with all federal, state, and local medical waste regulations. Which means that after treatment in the TE-5000, your medical waste is no longer regulated and can be thrown away in the regular trash! 


Cut your reliance on hauling and storage

Traditional medical waste hauling is both expensive and inflexible. Storage rooms take up precious space in a practice. With the TE-5000, practices can reduce, and in some cases even eliminate, their reliance on hauling and storage.

Treat your waste with the push of a button

Treating your own medical waste probably sounds like a hassle. Not with the TE-5000. In fact, there are only three buttons on the entire machine. Simply select the type of waste you'd like to treat and hit 'Start'. Yes, it's really that simple.


Automatically receive new containers in the mail

Because the TE-5000 is a smart device, we are able to automatically ship you new containers when we see you are getting low. We take care of your inventory so you can start focusing on the things that are important to your practice. 


Safety and compliance is built into the system

The TE-5000 is in constant communication with our servers, even when you aren't using it. Temperatures and cycles are closely monitored and logged to ensure safety for your team and compliance for your practice.

Case Study

A 7-location health center in Virginia was managing its medical waste at the local level. Each location had it's own contract with a hauling service provider. OnSite implemented a customized solution for each location which included the TE-5000 as well as waste segregation training and volume reduction practices. 

Monthly Spend

Boxes per month

Corporate Savings


Lifetime Savings



“Our facilities have been able to reduce the frequency and volume of their biowaste pickups by over 75%. The decision to move to OnSite has served our team well and I encourage any of my healthcare peers to explore making the transition to their services."

George Holler
National Director of Plant Operations


Experience the OnSite difference

Treat medical waste with a desktop device

Customized solutions to fit your practice

Segregation and compliance training

Nationwide service coverage

Waste analytics and usage reports

Fixed, transparent pricing

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